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Actively strive for development, compose the new chapter of 5-star hotel --- 2011 Annual Operation Analysis Conference
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Facing the coming 2011, are we well prepared?Currently, our hotel held the 2011 Annual Operation Analysis Conference todiscuss how to do well in marketing, management and service in 2011 and confirmthe operation strategy, target and assignment of 2011.

General Manager Wang pointed out in theconference: thanks to the efforts of all staffs, our hotel smoothly completedthe operation target of 2010. in 2011, the external economic situation is notoptimistic with sharper competition, and many management details of our hotelare urgent to be improved, and the reconstruction shall also be steadilypromoted, we must carefully review and specify the work emphasis, activateadjust for adapting the market, exert our advantages, maximize the benefit ofnew economic growth point, and actually do well in energy saving andconsumption reduction, control the cost, and smoothly complete variousassignments.

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