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Bravely strive with team work --- 2010 Hotel Summary and Award Conference
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On January 26th, 2011, the BeihaiHall on 2/F of Shaoxing International Hotel was ablazed withlights, and the 2010 Hotel Summary and Award Conference was grandly heldhere. The conference was presided by the Vice General Manager, and GeneralManager Wang Rongfu, Vice Party Secretary Hu Menggang and Ren Haifeng attendedthe conferment and took the seat at the rostrumplatform.

General Manager Wang presented the 2011 WorkSummary Report of our hotel, and pointed out: 2010 was the harmonious year forour hotel to completely fulfill the scientific outlook ondevelopment with ideal income and profit due to the efforts of all staffs. ViceGeneral Manager Zhou Quan declared the operation indices of 2011 and theoutstanding individuals, groups and outstanding party members in 2010, and theaward ceremony was promoted in the encouraging music.

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